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Elopement & Non-traditional Wedding Photographer for nature loving Couples in Arizona and across the southwest

Couple says their vows during an intimate ceremony at Lost Dutchman State Park during their Arizona Elopement

Documenting Heartfelt, Authentic Moments for Couples who Crave Real Connection

Do you find yourself saying that one of your top wedding priorities is ensuring you have photographs that can make you feel the love of your day again? Great news! You’ve come to the right place! As an Arizona Elopement Photographer, I specialize in helping couples have a day that becomes one of their favorite stories together- with gorgeous photos to help tell the tale! My couples tend to lean heavily into creating time in their wedding experience for just the two of them. That can look different for each couple. For some it is eloping just the two of them. For others it is having a day after adventure after a larger wedding. And for some couple it is a combo of eloping with a reception at a separate date. I am here for any and all of the above!

Are we meant to be a team?

Couple running down sand bank by Arizona Elopement Photographer Shannon Durazo.

We may be the perfect fit if:

  • You find yourself gravitating toward images that tell the Full Story of your day.
  • You want to capture All the Big and Little Details, from lavish florals, to raindrops dripping from a cactus on the trail, to epic little people-big-world landscape portraits, and all the candid moments with your loved ones throughout the day.
  • If the idea of having a photographer who is a hands-on, invested Personal Problem Solver on your team to help with planning and guidance sounds like exactly what you need.
  • You want to create space on your day to Be in the Moment and take in the world around you without feeling rushed.
  • You place a high value on your Couples Portraits, so help choosing the perfect location with custom scouting and timeline planning is a priority.
  • And finally, if you are envisioning having an Experience for just for the two of you, so hiring a photographer who is able to hike, off-road, and go adventuring with you to create and capture those moments is essential.

Above all,, as your Arizona Elopement photographer I promise to fiercely safeguard your experience on your wedding day!

On the other hand, I am probably not the right wedding photographer for you if:

  • You want a hands off photographer who will just show up on the day of your wedding and take a few snapshots on a nicer camera.
  • You want to fit as much as possible into the shortest amount of time possible, creating a super fast paced day without room to breath.
  • You prefer a highly staged vogue-esque or Glamour Shots style of photography.

Hi! I’m Shannon Durazo

and I would be thrilled to be your Arizona Elopement Photographer

I’m a mountain gal turned desert dweller after moving to Arizona and falling in love with my now husband 20 years ago. We have spent thousands of hours adventuring in every corner of this magnificent state and across the Western US. I consider Sedona my home base, but love traveling to the Superstition Mountains outside of Phoenix, Flagstaff, the Mogollon Rim, Tucson, Page, and beyond.

I’ve always been happier outside with dirt between my toes and the wind in my hair. Therefore, elopements hold a special place in my heart. But don’t worry! I clean up well if your perfect wedding is a bit more polished (and requires shoes!) I tend to bring a calming energy to your day. But if your dance floor is poppin, you better believe you will find me out in the middle of the action!

My Services







reviews from past couples…

Did a lot of research for the perfect elopement photographer and Shannon was that and MORE! Ever since my husband and I started dating, we’ve gotten about 1-2 professional shoots done a year, either for fun or when we were traveling. But Shannon’s photography blew all those other shoots out of the water! These are by far the most stunning photos we’ve ever had done, so for them be our wedding photos makes it that much better.

She also helps plan the entire day from helping us select a location, find other wedding vendors, and being the best hype woman you could ask for! She was willing to take literally any photo idea we had and had fun ideas of her own too. Shannon was so communicative throughout the entire process, even calling me to help calm my anxieties (out of state brides, you’ll understand). Overall I would recommend Stratus Adventure Photography every single time.

~ Samantha C.

There aren’t enough words for how amazing Shannon has been throughout the entire process of planning, our intimate wedding, and the delivery of the most beautiful photos. From the start, she had such an outstanding energy and was incredibly responsive. She showed amazing support for our military backgrounds and was so kind-hearted and patient in the midst of our last-minute plans. During the photoshoot, she made the best suggestions. She made the best impression on us, because you could tell she was truly having just as much fun as we were.

Also, Shannon was super creative and had the perfect balance between outstanding photo instructions while allowing us to be ourselves at the same time. Even beyond the photoshoot, Shannon continued to go out of her way to make sure we had everything we could possibly need. I cannot say enough. There were a number of things I asked of her that anyone else would have not done. She was so kind, supportive, and patient. Every extra detail she added and every extra mile she went truly created the perfect moment to share with our families before a very tough year ahead. We are forever grateful and cannot recommend Shannon enough! Thank you!

~ Dani C.

Shannon’s level of communication and professionalism made her the obvious choice for our adventure elopement from the very start, and her work speaks for itself. Her talent is positively unmatched, you can tell that she is deeply passionate and truly cares about the couples she photographs. We can’t imagine having shared this day with anyone else. She laughed with us, cried with us, and stood by us in the harrowing hours when my family heirloom ring was lost to a monsoon. Her positivity and warmth carried us through, and she was kind enough to continue our session the following morning – giving us the opportunity to collect ourselves and regroup.

Shannon gave us the wedding of our dreams. An unforgettable adventure in locations we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to access, and DANG does this woman come prepared. We are eternally grateful.

~ Olivia M.

Pricing & Information

I offer photography packages for elopements, weddings and destination elopements wherever your heart desires!

Wedding Packages from $3400

Elopement Packages from $2600

wedding & elopement packages

Arizona is a perfect location for your epic elopement!

Arizona is home to some of the most dramatic landscapes in the western US. From epic overlooks into deep canyons like the Grand Canyon or Horseshoe Bend, to the giant saguaros of the Sonoran Desert. Explore the lush green ponderosa pine forests of Northern Arizona, or adventure through the unique Joshua tree forests of the Mohave desert. In short, we have something for *almost* anyone here in this magnificent state.

And did I mention with the diverse scenery comes a year round wedding season? Arizona is one of the few states that has gorgeous options during the winter months that don’t include snow. Although, if you want snow, we have that too! No matter where you choose, I would LOVE to help you capture it all as your Arizona Elopement Photographer!

Arizona Elopement Guide

Do you need help planning your Arizona Elopement? This Ultimate Arizona Elopement Guide will help with all your planning needs. For instance, you can find answers on where to elope, when are the best times based on location, and how to make it all legal. After years of helping couples plan and capture their weddings as an Arizona Elopement Photographer, I have answered all the most common questions… and more!

Arizona elopement guide

Key Benefits of hiring a local expert as your Arizona elopement photographer

  • First hand knowledge of the area, including both the popular and locals secret “best spots” for portraits!
  • Experience with how busy areas are, educated estimates on foot traffic each day, and help navigating the limited parking, seasonal road closures, and shuttle systems!
  • Relationships with local businesses and vendors from florists, hair and makeup artists, bakeries, planners, officiants, guided activities, venues, restaurants, caterers, and more!
  • Access to backup plans and locations should the need arise- because we all want a bit of extra peace of mind on our wedding day!

Next Steps…


Schedule Your Discovery Call

Schedule your discovery call. We will get to know each other and brainstorm your perfect wedding experience- the possibilities are endless!


Secure Your Wedding Date

Did our call feel like the perfect fit? It’s important to officially secure your date asap. I only take a limited number of weddings per month so I can serve all of my couples to the best of my abilities.


Plan your wedding Experience

Once you are booked, we will begin to craft your ideal day. From location scouting, vendor recommendations, and timeline assistance, to laying out the important details to capture on your day.


Capture Your Moments

I will be your photographer, hype woman,  stalker-azee and personal problem solver. So you can feel free to live in the moment on your wedding day.

Traditional Wedding Photography vs. Elopement Photography?What’s the Difference?

Traditional Wedding Photography

While all wedding photographers operate a little differently, here is a general overlook of traditional wedding photography. A traditional wedding photographer is mostly hands off until the wedding day itself. They will work with you to get shot lists for family, details, important asks, etc. Sometimes you are lucky and have an engagement session together before your big day. This definitely makes the shorter time for couples portraits on your wedding go smoother. But big wedding days usually limited by very fast paced timelines and scrunched for blocks to take the needed shots, making it a more stressful and fast paced experience for both of you.

My job as your Arizona Elopement Photographer

As an Arizona Elopement Photographer, my role includes a ton of extra help in the planning stages. Think of me as a wedding planner-light. We work together to find your locations, activities, vendors for your day(s), and build out timelines. My goal is to leave room for flexibility so you can pause and just soak in the moment. With less vendors to lean on, I help answer questions ranging from what to tell guests to wear, to where to hold your ceremony, and everything in between. It also means I regularly hike miles with my couples, drive off-road, and climb around precarious ledges in order to take those epic shots that make you feel your love of the outdoors.

drone shot of wedding couple during their Sedona Arizona elopement by Shannon Durazo of Stratus Adventure Photography- Arizona elopement photographer

Not sure what kind of wedding you should have?

Take this fun Quiz to find out!

Create a Wedding experience that Celebrates your Love!

What makes you happy as a couple? Close your eyes and visualize what you would do on your very favorite day with your very favorite human… Now envision building your wedding experience around THAT perfect day or days- what does it look like?

Ditch the expectations

There are no limits to what your wedding can look like. You can add something adventurous like hiking a mountain, going on a horseback trail ride, or taking a helicopter tour. Or your can keep things more calm. Enjoy a picnic on the beach, hang out in an cabin in the woods, have a bonfire cookout, or pick peaches at your favorite orchard. Still want a larger guest list? Opt for a non-traditional wedding by choosing a venue that allows your outdoorsy side to shine through. Then plan a separate adventure for just the two of you. Seriously… anything goes.  Include what you want, ditch the rest!

Helicopter elopement at the Grand Canyon in Arizona
Couple saying their vows surrounded by giant saguaro cactus outside Tucson, Arizona

Strengthen your connection

Positive shared experiences are known to strengthen emotional bonds.  Your marriage deserves to begin in a way that will help your love withstand the chaos life throws at you. If you are more private, design a wedding where you get to spend time together as just the two of you. If getting all your friends and family together for a giant party lights your soul on fire, then bring on the festivities! Do what you LOVE!

Freedom to be yourself

Once you embrace not trying to meet the expectations of everyone else, you give yourself the freedom to be yourself on your wedding day! Get messy, incorporate a theme that others may find cheesy, have your fist dance at the top of a mountain! You are no longer trying to fit into a mold, and letting your adventurous spirit celebrate your way.

Eloping couple in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado

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