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How your marriage begins matters.

For many couples, the idea of a big traditional ballroom wedding with a five course meal, overpacked timelines of obligatory events, and every hair pinned perfectly into place sounds like a special kind of stressful torture.

Forget what you think a wedding Should look like… Instead, imagine what your wedding Could look like!

Now close your eyes and visualize what you would do on your very favorite day with your very favorite human… Now envision building your wedding experience around that day- what does it look like?

By choosing a non-traditional wedding in a more relaxed atmosphere, you are choosing a day with the freedom to be yourselves- and I want to help you tell your story!

Bride and groom relaxing as the moon rises over Sedona, Arizona on their elopement day

Create a Wedding experience that truly Celebrates your Love!

Ditch the expectations

There are no limits to what your wedding day can look like- Hike a mountain, go sailing, enjoy a picnic on the beach, go on a horseback trail ride, explore a museum, take a helicopter tour, hang out all day in an cabin in the woods, explore downtown, have a bonfire cookout at your ranch, pick peaches at your favorite orchard- seriously… anything goes.  Include what you want, ditch the rest!

Strengthen your connection

Positive shared experiences are known to strengthen emotional bonds.  Your marriage deserves to begin in a way that will help your love withstand the chaos life throws at you. Do what you LOVE!

Save time and stress

Planning a large, extravagant event is an enormous time and energy commitment- struggling to get everything “just right”.  Avoid the stress of trying to live up to expectations and preconceived wedding stereotypes.

Freedom to be yourself

With a just us, or an intimate gathering of your very nearest and dearest, you get the freedom to be who you are, not the polished host or hostess a massive gathering forces you to be.

What’s in a name… why Stratus Adventure Photography?

Have you ever laid facing the sky, imagining a whole other world in the clouds above? From dragons in far off castles, to bunnies hopping through fields of flowers, the possibilities of what you dream up are limited only by your imagination! Creating mythical worlds and adventures in the sky has been a favorite pastime of mine for as long as I can remember. When it came time to name my elopement photography business, incorporating this limitless, free spirited way of looking at the world helps serve as a daily reminder that anything is possible, and it is a principle I use to help guide my couples with!

This sounds exactly like what I’m looking for for my wedding!
Now what?….

Schedule Your Consult

Schedule your FREE Consultation Call.  We will brainstorm your perfect wedding experience- the possibilities are endless!

Craft Your Day

We will work together to craft your Best Day Ever!  Location ideas, help with logistics, timelines, etc… I’ve got you covered.

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Capture Your Moments

I will be your photographer, planning guide, hype woman,  stalker-azee and personal problem solver so you can feel free to live in the moment.

Curate Your Memories

Sit back and enjoy epic photographs of your one of a kind wedding experience while you begin the next chapter of your lives together!

Arizona elopement photographer Shannon Durazo from Stratus Adventure Photography with her dogs in the forest

Hello! I’m Shannon Durazo…

and I want to be your Arizona Elopement photographer, Adventure curator & planning guide!

I truly care about the success of your marriage and creating experiences that help you celebrate your love, strengthen your relationship, and head into the next chapter of your lives together feeling excited and full of joy.  

I call Arizona home, with a second “home base” in Southwestern Colorado.  Available for travel to anywhere my anti-kidnapping specialist husband approves!

Elope /əˈlōp/ verb

  1. to choose a wedding experience laser focused on you as a couple, your relationship, and your commitment to each other. Can be with or without close friends and family who are integral parties to the success of your marriage. “They chose to elope and begin their marriage intentionally strengthening their bond by doing something special together.”

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Bride and groom at sunset during their Arizona elopement

Arizona Elopements & Intimate Weddings

As an Arizona Elopement Photographer, I offer local elopement and intimate wedding packages ranging from half days to multi-day adventures.

I live in central Arizona, so any corner of the state is within driving distance. Whether you are interested in having your wedding in Sedona (where I work most), Flagstaff, Tucson, Page, the White Mountains, the Superstitions, or overlooking the great expanse of the Grand Canyon, I would be thrilled to help you plan your big day!

Southwestern Colorado Elopements & Intimate Weddings

My “home away from home” is in Lake City, Colorado in the San Juan Mountains. Surrounded by 25 peaks over 13,000ft, alpine lakes, towering waterfalls, wildlife aplenty, and wildflowers that will take your breath away, it is one of the most beautiful areas of the Rocky Mountains. There are no added travel fees to locations within 2 hours of Lake City!

Arizona Farm & Ranch Weddings

I’m a country girl at heart. If you are planning a farm or ranch wedding, then I 100% want to capture your day! Whether you have just the two of you, or 200 of your closest family and friends, I would love nothing more than to photograph your wedding.

Elopement Photography Packages for across the United States- & Worldwide!

Are you planning an elopement outside my home-base? Great news- I travel! I have spent my whole life living and traveling all over the world. As your destination elopement photographer I will help you navigate the best locations, vendors, and travel tips.

wedding couple holding hands running down a sand dune

Traditional weddings aren’t for Everyone

Traditional weddings aren’t for everyone- and that is ok. I was once a bride to be, trying to plan a wedding that fit the expectations and needs of a ton of people I barely saw or spoke to, feeling overwhelmed and unenthusiastic about the whole process. My own 7+ year struggle planning a wedding was actually where my journey as an Arizona elopement photographer began. Once I embraced a non-traditional wedding myself, I wanted to help other couples embrace the freedom to do the same!

Your wedding is the start of a new chapter in your lives together. It is a brave choice to start this portion of your journey with a day focused on building a strong foundation, a day designed around choosing each other over everyone else- no matter the social pressure to go the traditional wedding route.

Need help deciding where to Elope?

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