What if you could take Engagement photos on Mars?

What if I told you that there is a place deep in the Vermillion Cliffs of Arizona where you can take engagement photos that look like you are on another planet?

There are few locations I have been to with a cost of entry as high as this otherworldly maze of rocks ranging from giant red waves to bulbous brain matter, but the views are worth the effort.

Planning your Vermillion Cliffs Engagement Session

Getting There

A long drive through multiple obstacles included extremely deep rutted sand means this trip is not for the faint of heart. If you do not own a high clearance off road vehicle, there are local tour companies who you can hire to guide you.

When to Plan Your Visit

Northern Arizona is known for being hot, dry, and unforgiving, but what many don’t realize is that winter temperatures can quickly dip below freezing as the sun sets on the horizon. The summer monsoons bring dangerous flooding and the potential to be stuck without service or a way out. The The best weather will generally be in the spring or fall.

Pro-Tip: There are no facilities. There is a large parking area, but no restrooms, water, or other comforts closer to civilization. Always have enough water and food for several days in case of emergency. Always practice Leave No Trace Principles, including packing out all waste and travelling on trails and durable surfaces. If these beautiful areas become trashed, they will be shut down to future visitors.

Adventure Session Packages

Visit my Adventure Session Packages Page for more information on taking me with you to document your visit. And great news- I drive my own off road vehicle, so my transportation is covered!

Cassie and Nick’s Vermillion Cliffs Engagement Session in Remote Mars like landscape

Cassie and Nick reached out to me and said they wanted an epic engagement session unlike anything they had seen before. After a bit of talking, I found out that they were avid outdoor lovers who loved to explore with their two dogs Goose and Maverick, AND they own a built out Jeep, complete with off road tires, a winch, and recovery gear.

I knew immediately that there were now a ton more remote locations available to us, and sent inspiration pictures to some of my favorite less traveled, off the grid, epic landscapes. Once they narrowed down what they were looking for, we worked out a plan to visit safely and responsibly.

Driving in two well stocked off-road vehicles and armed with .gpx maps and a Garmin InReach in case of emergency, we caravanned out to visit one of the most incredible geological marvels I have ever laid eyes on.

These natural rock formations, layers of deep red sandstone waves topped with bleached greyish rock that looks like white water caps in some areas, or like brainy mounds in others. The extreme environment is believed to have been formed back in the Jurassic period when an earthquake ripped chunks of the different sand layers and intermixed them before covering the whole area in a large pond, pressure loading it and hardening it into the unique rock formations we see today.

Ready to begin Planning your Vermillion Cliffs Engagement session?

I would LOVE to help you begin planning your trip to Mars! Whether you want to make it a day trip, or plan a camping adventure in this incredible hidden gem location, you will not be disappointed in getting to experience being surrounded by these otherworldly rock formations!

Couple walking through the sand at their Vermillion Cliffs Engagement Session

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