Stratus Adventure Wedding Packages & Pricing

Your One of a kind wedding awaits!

Wedding packages for couples dreaming up a wedding that ventures out on the wild side.

Whether you are looking at booking a venue that brings the outdoors front and center, or planning a themed wedding with fire breathers and bounce houses, to anything in between…. let’s chat! I love capturing all the moments that you value, from the details, to moments with your loved ones.

Want to include epic landscape shots without timeline stress? Choose a package with an adventure session!

How this all Works

Step 1- Schedule Your Consult

Schedule your free consultation call to see if we mesh well. I want to hear what you are dreaming up, brainstorm the big ideas together, and see how I can help you create the most perfectly “you” day for your wedding. If all goes well- we move on to booking!

Step 2- Craft Your Day

We will work together to craft your Best Day Ever! As soon as you are booked, I will work with you to make sure your timeline prioritizes all the moments and details that mean the most to you. I will coordinate with your other vendors to be sure we work together as a team to bring your vision to life.

Step 3- Capture Your Moments

By the time we meet on your day, we will already feel like old friends. I will be your photographer, hype woman,  stalker-azee, and schedule wrangler so you can feel free to live in the moment.

Step 4- Curate Your Memories

Sit back and enjoy epic photographs of your one of a kind wedding experience. Print them, hold them, hang them on your walls. Surround yourself with the love and joy you feel for each other as you embark on the next great adventure of your life together!

Every Stratus Adventure Wedding Experience includes:

Custom built Stratus Adventure Wedding Packages

With freedom comes choice. It is my job to help put together a package that fits what YOU value, and help create the experience custom tailored to your vision for your day.

Local Wedding Packages

Arizona & Southwest Colorado

Beginning at Six (6) Continuous Hours with one photographer, and options including two photographer coverage and up to Multi-Day Adventures.

All photographer travel fees to anywhere in Arizona or within 2 hours of Lake City Colorado * included *

Starting at $2700

Destination Stratus Adventure Wedding packages

Anywhere in the u.s.a.

Six (6)+ Hours to Multi-Day coverage options

All photographer travel fees * included *

Starting at $4600

Anywhere in the World

Eight (8)+ Hours to Multi-Day coverage options

All photographer travel fees * included *

Starting at $7800

Answers to common questions

I will help you work out your actual timeline as we go through your ideal day, working with your other vendors in partnership to make your vision come to life. This is why a consultation is so important, to go through options based on your

No problem! When you are planning a more non-traditional wedding, it is not unusual to take things a bit out of the “usual” order. I am happy to talk through what you are dreaming up, and put you in touch with some amazing planning coordinators, venues, and other vendors to help you plan the wedding of your dreams! Once you have set your date, we can move forward with officially booking.

Believe me when I say this is the rule, not the exception.  Most people feel this way, and many times one person in the couple goes so far as to say they “hate” having their picture taken.  This includes pretty much every couple you see on my site!  

Don’t worry- I’ve got you.

I will watch the way you interact, and guide you with prompts that bring out real emotions and connect you to each other.  Some moments you may even forget I’m there!  The joy and connection you feel for each other are what make great, flattering photos.  We will make sure to grab a few of the standard portrait style shots, but the vast majority of our time will be spent capturing you being you.

My goal is for your entire experience to fill you with  feelings of joy, laughter, and deeper connection when you look back at your pictures.

Absolutely!  I 100% want to meet (and photograph) them.  So much so that for any session that you include your fur/ feathered/ scaled family members I will make a donation to a local non-kill animal shelter.

Not sure what would best fit your needs? No problem! Let’s chat and I am happy to talk you through what you are sure of, and help fill in the gaps where you are not.

Meet your camera woman, planning guide & professional problem solver…

Hi! I’m Shannon Durazo, and I am not just your photographer- I’m your go-to for all the things! I want to document your story how it actually unfolds, so making sure your experience is a positive one is at the very tippity-top of my list. I believe that how you get married matters, and I will do everything I can to help you look back on your day with joy and laughter, even if there are problems to solve along the way.

Want to learn more about why I love non-traditional wedding days and how I help you have the best day ever? Click on the about me button below.

Ready to begin planning your Free-spirited wedding?

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