How much Time do I need for my elopement or Adventure-y wedding?

This is probably one of the most asked questions I get from couples planning their wedding days. What if there was a handy Wedding & Elopement Timeline Calculator to help you figure that out? 😉 Well now there is!

We don’t know what we don’t know…

Most people have been to a traditional ballroom wedding

Most people have been to at least one traditional ballroom wedding in their life, so they have a general idea of what to expect. For those that haven’t, they almost always have friends and family who have that help guide them through what a typical day looks like. Even so, knowing how much time to allot for different portions of the day can be confusing, and not allowing enough time can create unneeded stress and/ or coverage that doesn’t capture the whole story.

Elopements and more free-spirited weddings are less structured

When you throw out the “rules”, everything you want to keep or include in your day can start swirling around like a tornado. By guesstimating which parts of the day you would like documented, this tool is designed to help you start to visualize how much time each portion of the day takes to cover.

Image of bride and groom with an Elopement photography timeline calculator

While every wedding is unique, use this handy timeline calculator to help you visualize how much time *at a minimum* to set aside for each portion of the day!

Wedding & Elopement Timeline Calculator

Timeline Calculator
Are Getting Ready & Detail Photos a part of the day you want to capture? (Choose 1)
First Look with Partner and/ or Family (Check all that apply)
Is there drive time between any of your locations for the day? (Ex: Getting Ready to Ceremony, Ceremony to Reception, Drive to Portrait Location, etc…)
What best describes your Ceremony/ Vows? (Choose 1)
Will there be hiking/ walking involved to and from the ceremony or portraits? (Choose 1)
Do you have family portraits you would like captured? (Choose 1)
Do you have wedding party portraits you would like captured? (Choose 1)
How important are couple’s portraits on your wedding day to you? (Choose 1)
After ceremony moments you would like to include on your day (Check all that apply)
More non-traditional moments you would like to include on your day (check all that apply)

What next? Are you ready to reach out and start planning your day? Great! Check out my Pricing and Packages Page to get started. You don’t have to have it all figured out just yet- that’s what I’m here for!

Not quite there, but looking for more tips on how to plan your elopement or intimate wedding? Visit my Planning and Resources Page for useful tools to help you.

Shannon Durazo- Arizona Elopement Photographer

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Shannon Durazo

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I love helping couples visualize and craft an experience that feels true to you. The way your marriage begins matters, and I would love to help you tell your story. Set your marriage up for success by allowing yourself to get married your way!

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