Oak Creek in Sedona is a gorgeous location for an Adventure Session

Sedona is best known for the abundant red rocks, but many people don’t realize it is also home to lush greenery in the spring through fall months like we see during this Oak Creek Adventure Session. If you have fallen in love with the beautiful Sedona red rocks, but would love to add variety to your Sedona photography session by incorporating a fairytale woodsy feel, the oasis down along the creek bed may be the perfect spot. The tree lined path and shallow creek are a nice respite from hot summer days, along with a place for kids to enjoy splashing around in the water if you bring them along for the fun.

When to Plan your Oak Creek Adventure Session

Sedona is reasonably mild year round, but if you are planning to tiptoe around in the creek then Spring through late Fall will be the best timing so you don’t freeze your toes! We went down during the summer time, so there were a ton of people swimming in the area that you can see Cathedral Rock in the background. We opted to find a couple more secluded spots to explore and let the kids enjoy the water and ladybugs.

Adventure Session Packages

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Brittany and Anthony’s Adventure Session by Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona

Ready to begin Planning your Sedona Adventure session?

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