2 Day Page Adventure Elopement

Olivia and Collin reached out to me about wanting a last minute- but super unique- adventure elopement. After going through options and hearing what sort of vibe they were wanting, I suggested a Page adventure elopement- and they were sold! Their love began as a whirlwind, and they both wanted to be man and wife before their beautiful little girl made her way into the world. With a long list of dream locations in my back pocket to show them, we got to work on putting together the elopement experience of their dreams!

Slot Canyon

While most people immediately associate Antelope Canyon with slot canyons, there are actually many slot canyons throughout southern Utah. Antelope Canyon is only accessible with a Navajo guide, and very limited on photography options. We opted to take our adventure to a canyon that offers more flexibility, although getting there is a bit more work.

As Liv and Collin’s elopement day approached, I kept a close eye on the weather radar maps. There were some afternoon rain storms forecasted in the area, and we had to make sure that we stayed ahead of them for safety. We made sure we were upstream of any storm cells, and that we were well clear of the slots before any rain began to fall in our vicinity.

Getting Ready

After we hiked into the canyon, Liv and Collin helped each other change into their wedding attire. There is nothing quite like standing in the wide open spaces surrounded by towering red walls of stone as you get ready to say your vows. I think this is one of those moments that really brings home the realization for most couples that we are out in nature- removed from their everyday lives, on a new adventure. While it can be a little jarring, it is also freeing in a way that sets the mood for the rest of the day.

Private Vows

They had each written private vows to each other, and read them in a secluded bend of the slot canyon.

Their love radiated all around us, the emotions high, and the tears flowing.

We spent the afternoon walking through the red rock caverns until my trustee Garmin said the storms were heading our way. We hiked out of the area to safe ground to rest up for our morning day after adventure with their pups!

Sunrise Vermillion Cliffs Adventure

We met while the sky was still pitch black, loaded up their two pups into my 4×4 4runner, and headed towards one of the most magical locations on the planet for day two of Liv and Collin’s Page adventure elopement. We began down the long dirt forest road as the sun was just beginning to crest the horizon. We pulled over and took a moment to enjoy morning blue hour and give the fur-girls a potty break before navigating the extreme sand pit of a road out to our destination.

Exploring Mars

As we hiked out to this otherworldly landscape, we could still feel the moisture in the air from the rains the day before. The difficulty reaching this location adds a layer of privacy, and on this morning we were all alone to explore right up until we were about to leave.

Have I mentioned how much I love dogs? Liv’s Malinois Charmy and Collin’s Pug Emma were thrilled to play in the sand and water pools left by the previous day’s storms. I still love the fact that the big strong Army guy’s sidekick is a little pug with a giant personality, while the ferocious malligator has been Liv’s soul dog since living in a loft on her own. A giant temporary lake had formed creating insane reflections- and a fun way for them to get mom and dad dirty.

The wetness made the usually white stone colors change into shades of deep greys and tans, and deepened the vibrant reds. It’s amazing how much different an area can look depending on the weather and lighting. We took our time mesmerized by the scenery, enjoying the peace, and then returned to Page to say our goodbyes- for now!

Kind words from the couple:

If you’re here reading this searching for a photographer, I encourage you to look no further. Shannon’s level of communication and professionalism made her the obvious choice for our adventure elopement from the very start, and her work speaks for itself. Her talent is positively unmatched, you can tell that she is deeply passionate and truly cares about the couples she photographs. We can’t imagine having shared this day with anyone else. She laughed with us, cried with us, and stood by us in the harrowing hours when my family heirloom ring was lost to a monsoon. Her positivity and warmth carried us through.

Shannon gave us the wedding of our dreams. An unforgettable adventure in locations we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to access, and DANG does this woman come prepared. We are eternally grateful.

Page Adventure Elopement Timeline

Are you wondering what a timeline for an adventure like this would look like? Choosing remote areas that require

DAY ONE6 hours

  • Meet at lodging for pickup
  • Drive out to the first location- 1 hour
  • Park & Hike out to slot canyons- 45 min
  • Getting ready together on location- 15 min
  • Private Vow Exchange- 20 min
  • Exploring the slot canyons- 2 hours
  • Hiking back out- 40 minutes
  • Driving back to Page- 1 hour

DAY ONE7 hours

  • Meet at lodging for pickup
  • Drive out to remote off-road location- 2 hours
  • Blue Hour photos/ doggy potty break- 20 min
  • Park & Hike out to location- 20 min
  • Exploring the area- 2 hours
  • Hiking back out- 20 minutes
  • Driving back from remote off-road location- 2 hours

Interested in an adventure similar to this? I would love to help you and offer pre-made and custom packages for elopements.

Shannon Durazo standing in the Sedona Red Rocks

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