Stratus Adventure Elopement Packages & Pricing

Eloping is an expression of Freedom

Choosing an elopement package to celebrate your wedding day is a brave expression of freedom.

  • The freedom to choose your partner over everyone else
  • The freedom to do what you want, without the pressure of guests and traditional norms
  • The freedom to begin your marriage with more time devoted to connecting with your best friend, the person you are choosing to join your life with

and above all… the Freedom to be unapologetically You!

Your fully customized Elopement awaits!

Whether you are choosing to elope just the two of you, or you are having a more intimate- micro wedding*, deciding to throw out all the rules can be downright liberating!

And then comes the overwhelming pressure of TOO Many choices.

Don’t worry- I’ve got you covered! With over 3 years specializing in elopements, I have helped over 50 couples plan and execute their elopement dreams and know the ins and outs to help your day go as smoothly as possible. From helping you choose an elopement package, access to my preferred vendors list, location and logistics knowledge, to helping with all the things on your wedding day… consider me your planning consultant, photographer, stalker-azee, and adventure sidekick in one!

*The group size allowed is dependent on the land managers for the location you choose. Most limit elopements to 2-15 people, while some allow intimate ceremonies upwards of 50 people for certain locations- usually with a reservation fee.

Step 1- Schedule Your Discovery Call

Our relationship starts with a phone or zoom consultation. I want to hear what you are dreaming up, brainstorm the big ideas together, and see how I can help you create the most perfectly “you” day for your wedding. If all goes well- we move on to booking!

Step 2- Booking your Package

Do you know exactly where you want to get married? Great! Are you still unsure of how much time you will need? Don’t worry, we don’t need exact details to move forward. In order to book your elopement, you will need to know the general region and what date you want to marry your partner. It’s ok if you don’t know exactly how long or what add-ons you want right away. I have a flat rate booking fee of $1000 no matter the package you choose, so we can work together and plan the day together and find the package that fits best.

Step 3- Craft Your Day

We will work together to craft your Best Day Ever! As soon as you are booked, I send over my Client Elopement & Intimate Wedding Guide jam packed full of information to help you in every phase of your planning, along with several questionnaires that help me get to know you better and in choosing what activities you want to include in your day.

Step 3- Capture Your Moments

By the time we meet on your day, we will already feel like friends. I will be your photographer, hype woman,  stalker-azee and personal problem solver so you can feel free to live in the moment.

Step 4- Curate Your Memories

Sit back and enjoy epic photographs of your one of a kind wedding experience. Print them, hold them, hang them on your walls. Surround yourself with the love and joy you feel for each other as you embark on the next great adventure of your life together!

Every Stratus Adventure elopement

Experience includes:

Client Planning Portal

As soon as you are booked I activate your Client Planning Portal. This will be where you can find and keep track of questionnaires, contract, emails from me, and so much more as we get to planning. This is a central location to keep everything organized and easily accessed so you don’t have to go digging through emails and texts to find what you need.

Exclusive Client Elopement Planning Guide

The first thing added to EVERY Client Portal is my massive 100+ page Exclusive Client Elopement & Intimate Wedding Planning Guide. It is jam packed with everything from activity ideas, gear selection, vendor recommendations, how to include your family or pets, and so much more!

Me as your personal location Consultant

Finding “the location” is one of the main things most eloping couples need help with. You will have access to all of my research and tips that will help you choose the perfect spot for your elopement.

Personalized Timeline

I will help you build a custom timeline allotting enough time to cover everything that is important to you. From getting ready in the morning to a picnic under the stars- and everything in between!

Officiant signature

If you are having a non-denominational wedding, I am ordained to be able to sign your marriage license in most states.

Online gallery with unlimited downloads

Online gallery with unlimited downloads of all of your images for one year.

Custom slideshow & Print options

Every couple receives a curated slideshow, along with no obligation print options including a legacy album, canvas wall art, metal prints, and more.

Unrestricted Printing Rights

Full-resolution image files with unrestricted printing rights. Print as many as you want, as much as you want, from anywhere you want. Don’t let your memories live in the black abyss of your hard drive, print them so you can have something tangible to remember your wedding experience.

Custom built Stratus Adventure Elopement Packages

With freedom comes choice. It is my job to help put together an elopement package that fits what YOU value, and help create the experience custom tailored to your vision for your day. While I do have pre-built package options, I am always happy to customize a package just for you!

Two Day Adventure


Is your thirst for adventure to big to fit into a single day? Break it up and have time to experience multiple locations and activities! A two day elopement package is the ideal option if you want to have one day to soak up all the family vibes, while still having a full day experience all for yourselves, or if you can’t choose between more than one kick ass locations to celebrate your wedding.

  • Exclusive Client Elopement Planning Guide
  • Custom Location Scouting & Help with Permit Research
  • Vendor Recommendations
  • Personalized Timeline Assistance
  • Custom Slideshow & Digital Gallery
  • Unrestricted Printing Rights
  • Album Design
  • 10″ Legacy Album with first 20 pages
  • Includes Photographer’s Travel within all of Arizona, Southern Utah, and Southwestern Colorado!*

Starting at $6800

Full Day Adventure

UP TO 10 HOURS (Best Package Deal)

Can’t decide on sunrise or sunset? Then do both! The Full Day Adventure is my most popular elopement package. It is ideal for elopements that include family and friends, and for couples who want as little stress about timelines as possible.  It allows room for getting ready, first look, ceremony, portraits, any activities you wish to include, as well as giving enough space to go with the flow. It also allows time for star photos, and other creative shots that take more time to set up.  A full day can either follow a more traditional timeline or for exploring more remote or multiple locations. This also works well for couples who want to split their day with family and friends, then head out for a mini-venture for just them for epic portraits.

  • Exclusive Client Elopement Planning Guide
  • Custom Location Scouting & Help with Permit Research
  • Vendor Recommendations
  • Personalized Timeline Assistance
  • Custom Slideshow & Digital Gallery
  • Unrestricted Printing Rights
  • Album Design
  • 10″ Legacy Album with first 20 pages
  • Includes Photographer’s Travel within all of Arizona, Southern Utah, and Southwestern Colorado!*

Starting at $4400

Half Day Adventure

UP TO 6 HOURS (Most Popular)

The Half Day elopement package is a great option for couples who want to get married either at sunrise or sunset. include a hike or drive to a more off the beaten path location!

  • Exclusive Client Elopement Planning Guide
  • Custom Location Scouting & Help with Permit Research
  • Vendor Recommendations
  • Personalized Timeline Assistance
  • Custom Slideshow & Digital Gallery
  • Unrestricted Printing Rights
  • Includes Photographer’s Travel within all of Arizona, Southern Utah, and Southwestern Colorado!*

Starting at $3600

Bride and groom who chose an elopement package instead of a big wedding dancing at the edge of the Grand Canyon at sunset

Cliff Notes


The Cliff Notes elopement package is meant for couples looking for an adventure-light experience including a shorter hike or off-road drive to a single, easier to reach location. It is enough time to include a ceremony/ vow reading, followed by portraits and an on-site activity such as a first dance, champagne pop, or sunset snack.  This package is designed for couples eloping as just the two of them or up to 15 guests.

  • Exclusive Client Elopement Planning Guide
  • Custom Location Scouting & Help with Permit Research
  • Vendor Recommendations
  • Personalized Timeline Assistance
  • Custom Slideshow & Digital Gallery
  • Unrestricted Printing Rights
  • Photographer’s Travel is limited to and included to within 2 hours of Anthem, AZ.

Starting at $2600

Add on options including:

  • Album Design– I will pre-design a full album, then you can either choose to use the online proofer or schedule a zoom call where we will get it “just right”.
  • Legacy Albums– in multiple sizes, cover options, embossing, etc. So many options to preserve your memories!
  • Day After Adventure Portrait Session- or day before, pre-wedding engagement pictures, etc… this is a great add on for couples who want more than a single day, but don’t want a full 2 days.

Meet your camera woman, planning consultant & professional problem solver…

Hi! I’m Shannon Durazo, and I am not just your photographer- I’m your go-to for all the things! I want to document your story how it actually unfolds, so making sure your experience is a positive one is at the very tippity-top of my list. I believe that how you get married matters, and I will do everything I can to help you look back on your day with joy and laughter, even if there are problems to solve along the way.

Want to learn more about why I love non-traditional wedding days and how I help you have the best day ever? Click on the about me button below.

What couples are saying…

I don’t have enough words to describe my experience with Shannon at Stratus Adventure Photography, only positive emotions! From our very first email inquiry Shannon was extremely communicative, helpful, and friendly. Not only will she provide her expert photography services, but she’ll help you plan your wedding (or elopement) along the way. From location scouting, timelines, and vendor recommendations, Shannon will help with it all. Her work will take your breath away and will leave you with lasting memories of beauty, love and satisfaction.

~ Lidia K.

We absolutely LOVE Shannon. I discovered Shannon when searching for elopement photographers in Sedona. Let me tell you – we are so blessed and lucky that we had her for our wedding. From start to finish, Shannon helped bring our wedding vision to life. She is your go to gal for creating breathtaking photos, capturing authentic happy adventures and is a wealth of wedding advice. She goes above and beyond for her clients to help create the most special day that YOU want. Shannon is also the best with animals and even helped us have our fur baby along for the whole adventure! We constantly receive compliments from friends and family of the stunning images captured by Shannon from our special day – Thank you for capturing our adventure of a lifetime!

~ Bobbie L.

Absolutely best decision we made with our elopement. Once we chose the location- she planned out the day and it was truly amazing. We even had some issues with weather- and she moved things around without any issues. She even scheduled in some time to truly sit and enjoy the day and we appreciated it so so much. And the pictures are absolutely insane- my friends joked that after seeing our wedding pics, they wanted to ‘elope’ and redo their wedding pictures. Do not even hesitate, if you are looking for an elopement photographer- you found the best one. Thanks again for absolutely everything!

~ Ashley S.

Eloping couple's first kiss surrounded by their children in the red rocks of Sedona, AZ

A full-day elopement? What would we even do?!

Anything you can dream of! Just because you are choosing to keep your vows more intimate does not mean that your experience has to be any less. Think of your favorite vacations or day trips together. Were they 2-3 hours of fun, or was the whole day filled with adventure and experiences big and small that give you the warm fuzzies looking back?

Top 4 reason you should opt for full day elopement package…

  • Capture your whole wedding day story, from start to finish
  • Be able to relax and breath, taking your day in stride without overly rushed timelines
  • You will be able to share your day with those who aren’t there
  • Document everything so you can preserve all the details, moments, and little pieces of your day that fade from memory over time

I’m not sure how much time I need…

That is completely normal for elopements, especially if you don’t have your location(s) chosen yet. On our call I will ask questions and give you my suggestions based on what you are envisioning for your wedding. Then, I keep the booking process as simple and straight forward as possible with a flat booking fee to hold your date. You can always upgrade your elopement package to more time if your day is starting to look too busy or like there isn’t enough time to include all the activities you would like as we get more of the details in place.

Get the creative juices flowing:

Answers to common questions

No problem! This is actually normal for elopements and intimate weddings. All I need is a date and the state or region to move forward with booking.

Weekends are by far the most busy time for tourists to visit public lands. This means everything from parking, to portrait spots will be much more busy and limited for any easier to access locations. With my main goal of helping couples avoid a bad experience on their wedding day, I do my best to either a) steer you towards a weekday, b) steer you towards a more challenging location to reach, or c) steer you towards reserving and exclusive location that you can have to yourself.

Not at all! There are a ton of gorgeous locations that either require minimal hiking and/ or can be reached by vehicle (sometimes 4wd). Just remember, the easier the area is to get to, the more people you will be competing with.

Sign me up! (within reason) I am an avid hiker and backpacker, so if your dream wedding means hiking up a fourteener or down into the base of the Grand Canyon, I am up for the challenge. If you are thinking Everest… I may need to sit that one out 😉

This is dependent on each location, their rules and permitting regulations. If you are wanting to have your actual ceremony on park, BLM, or native land, you are best off with a group between 2-15 for the most options. For larger groups, they tend to be limited to certain areas that can be reserved for a fee, allowing for enough parking and facilities to minimize the environmental impact of events. Most of my couples who invite guests schedule a sunrise or sunset mini- adventure to include couple’s portraits in the best lighting with just the three of us either on the same day- or one of the surrounding days.

Believe me when I say this is the rule, not the exception.  Most people feel this way, and many times one person in the couple goes so far as to say they “hate” having their picture taken.  This includes pretty much every couple you see on my site!  

Don’t worry- I’ve got you.

I will watch the way you interact, and guide you with prompts that bring out real emotions and connect you to each other.  Some moments you may even forget I’m there!  The joy and connection you feel for each other are what make great, flattering photos.  We will make sure to grab a few of the standard portrait style shots, but the vast majority of our time will be spent capturing you being you.

My goal is for your entire experience to fill you with  feelings of joy, laughter, and deeper connection when you look back at your pictures.

I LOVE kids, and couldn’t imagine a celebration that didn’t involve my son (who isn’t so little anymore).  

As a mom I completely understand how adding kiddos of any age can make things seem so much more complicated.  The mom guilt is real- from timelines to outfit mishaps, to hangry crying, to just needing a nap break, all the little things that come with having our little humans along can make us question whether it’s worth it at all.  Should we even try to do this while they are little?

The answer is YES!  Seriously.  I am not just a mom- I am known as the fun aunt.  The one who gets on the ground and finds the cool bugs with my nieces and nephews.  I have a list of tried and true games and little jobs for young ones to do while we are walking, and have never failed to get a genuine smile out of even the most angst filled teenagers.  Babies?  I don’t try to pretend that babies follow our schedule, and understand flexibility is the key to a happy baby experience.

Absolutely!  I 100% want to meet (and photograph) them.  I do suggest having a family member or friend available to help with them so you can relax and be present during portraits without them.

Great news! I have a calculator for that! —– Elopement Timeline Calculator

But don’t worry, the calculator is there to give you a ballpark idea on how long certain portions of the day typically take. You can play around adding and subtracting activities from your day.

Most of my elopement couples book me for 6-8 hours. Most of my intimate wedding couples book me for 8-10 hours. Many of my couples who love the feel of an elopement but still have friends and family for their ceremony choose a day of package, then add a day after Adventure Session for their portraits with just the three of us.

I will help you work out your actual timeline as we go through your ideal day. This is why a consultation is so important, to go through options based on your unique vision.

Not sure what would best fit your needs? No problem! Let’s chat and I am happy to talk you through what you are sure of, and help fill in the gaps where you are not.

Ready to begin planning your Elopement adventure?

I can not wait to get to know you!

I can not wait to get to know you!

Is your date flexible?

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