Britt & Colton’s Off-road, Picnic Anniversary Adventure in Sedona

Brittney and Colton were one of the many couples who postponed their original big weddings into 2021 due to Covid. Like many couples, they had to get creative and find other ways to celebrate their love and commitment to each other. When they told me they were spending their anniversary exploring Sedona and renting OHV vehicles, I thought they may just be one of the couples brave enough to undertake the long rugged Schnebly Hill Road drive to Merry Go Round Rock. I suggested it to Britt- and they were on board!

We planned a full afternoon, as the drive takes about an hour one way up an extremely bumpy dirt road. Once we reached the top, we walked down the side of the main rock formation to the bottom overlook where we were able to relax for a few minutes as the last of the jeep tours made their way down the hill. Britt and Colton usually enjoy going out country dancing, but with covid they hadn’t had a chance to hit the dance floor in almost a year. Wearing boots and smiles, they were able to enjoy an evening of dancing followed by a picnic overlooking Sedona as the sun set behind the mountain.  After a couple hours, we made our way carefully down the mountain.  

Below are the vendors who brought this vision to life.

Shannon Durazo- Arizona Elopement Photographer

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